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What A Time to be Thankful!

Thanksgiving is the time of year when families and friends get together for a delicious meal, (where everyone always eats way too much lol) football, the Macy's parade and just a day full of laughter and lots of love to go around. We might not have had the football game on, and we were a week early for the parade, but at our 1st Thanksgiving gathering, there was definitely no shortage on the love, laughs, and the food. It was really an eye opener to see just how much support we get from our families and really ties into what we stand for, a family oriented daycare. A place where all the staff know the parents by their first names, and somewhere they know that when they come in to either pick-up or drop-off their child, that there is going to be building full of people waiting to greet them with a smile, and really get to know them as a person, and not just so-n-so's mom or dad. So what I am Thankful for this holiday season? I am thankful for all the families that have allowed us to be apart of their children's lives.

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