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Creative curriculum was founded and has been improved upon over the years, through a solid foundation that consists of Theory and Research. With this solid foundation, Creative Curriculum has been able to bring the best education by understanding: how children develop and learn, setting up a learning environment for success, what children learn, the teacher’s role in their development, along with their parent’s role. All of the framework revolves around 11 interest areas that have been proven to aid in the development of a young child. For more information, please visit:


Here at Smart Beginnings, we know that infants are constantly learning through observation. In addition to holding and comforting the infants, our teachers are always interacting with them to encourage their mental and physical development. Our infant teachers help build your child’s cognitive, communication, emotional, fine motor, gross motor and social skills. We help develop all of these skills while reinforcing each infant’s individuality and maintaining their daily schedule.


Our teachers at Smart Beginnings know that toddlers do not learn from isolated activities, but instead learn best when they have the opportunity to explore the world that’s around them. Our toddler’s program will allow the children start to understand concepts of color, shapes, sizes and start to build their vocabulary. We do this by breaking the classroom down into different learning centers, that give the children opportunities to learn while they are playing. Those principals mixed with the guidance and nurturing care of our teachers, Smart Beginnings will help develop your child’s emotional, cognitive, social, and communication skills to get them ready for Preschool.


Smart Beginning’s preschool program is about getting the children ready for Kindergarten. Our program is catered to developing the children’s vocabulary, math, science, and social skills for when they begin school. Our Little Einsteins will start to recognize letters and their sounds, add two groups of objects together, they will understand problem solving, and will explore a different culture as they start the basics of Spanish. The program is focused on hands on learning and if any child is having problems learning the way they are being taught, our skilled teachers will then teach the child in a way they will understand, and learn.

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